Shooting Mastery

Open to boys and girls in 6th - 12th grade

Registration Open for May 10th & 11th

Perfect Shot Clinics at Provo High School

Provo High School, Main Gym

1199 Lakeshore Dr., Provo, UT

Friday, May 10, 2024, 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Saturday, May 11, 2024, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Space is Limited

You Can Learn the Perfect Shot

Players may not be able to control their height, hand size, or wingspan, but all basketball players can control their shot.

Learning the right shot mechanics will drastically improve all your true-shooting stats, including your free throws, field goal accuracy, and 3-point percentage.

Legendary shooting coach Ed Paulubinskas has come out of retirement to teach his Perfect Shot to a new generation of basketball players. Coach Ed has taught more than 20,000 players in more than 39 countries, including multiple NBA hall-of-famers, his Perfect Shot mechanics—and the results speak for themselves.

Coach Ed’s players have seen 20% improvements in free throw, field goal, and 3-point percentages. In one of his most famous success stories, Coach Ed helped Shaquille O’Neil improve his free-throws from a dismal 42% to 70%, transforming the way Shaq was defended.

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Meet Your Shooting Coach, Ed Paulubinskas

Ed Paulubinskas has dedicated his life to becoming a great shooter. A former NCAA Division I player, member of the Australian Olympic Basketball team, and championship-winning high school basketball coach, basketball has always featured in Ed’s life.
Ed has also helped some of the most elite basketball players in the world, serving as the shooting coach for:

Australian Women’s Olympic Basketball Team

WNBA’s Phoenix Fever

Boston Celtics All Time Leading Free Throw Shooter at 94%

Shaquille O'Neil improves Free Throws From 36% To 72%

Lousiana High School Team goes from Last to First in One Season

Los Angeles Lakers

And Many More

How Good of a Shooting Coach is Coach Ed?

Highlights of Coach Ed’s Legendary Coaching Career:

Championship Ring

When the LA Lakers won the 2001 World Championship, they made sure to give Ed a championship ring. Why? Because as the team’s shooting coach, he was instrumental in the success of the Lakers. Ed helped future NBA hall-of-famers Shaquille O’Neil and Kobe Bryant dramatically improve their free throw shooting. Shaq went from a dismal 42% to 70% while Kobe went from 75% to 85%.

Boston Celtics History

Boston Celtic Brandon Bass had a problem. His free throws were lousy. Brandon was making just 66% of his free throws. After working with Ed and learning the Perfect Shot, Brandon improved to 94% and would go on to become claim the highest free throw percentage in Boston Celtics history.

Lousiana High School Team goes from Last to First in One Season

Coach Ed has always had a soft spot for student-athletes. He took over a Louisiana High School team that had finished dead last the year before, with a 3-30 record. The very next year, Ed led that same team to a remarkable reversal of fortunes, finishing with a 30-3 record while averaging 113 points per game and shooting 70% from the field and 90% from the free-throw line.

The Accident That Changed Everything

Ed Palubinkas

Shooting Coach

After a lot of hard work, Ed shot an incredible 92.4% from the free-throw line as a collegiate athlete at Ricks College and LSU. No one in college or the pros was better. He continued his shooting mastery on the international stage where he played for the Australian Olympic team in 1972 and 1976.

Ed set three world and Olympic records in scoring, averaging 33.1 points per game, and scoring a game-high of 50 points without a 3-point line. His Olympic scoring records held for 47 years—only surpassed in recent years with the addition of the 3-point line.

After receiving a master’s degree at BYU and a teaching and varsity basketball coaching position at a Utah high school, Ed was in a car accident. His car hit an ice patch and crashed into a bridge, leaving him with a broken leg.

During his healing process, Ed spent countless hours in a wheelchair focusing on perfecting his shot. He used his time in the chair to push his upper body, arm, and hand to become more accurate than ever.

Ed learned the perfect elbow, arm, and hand position for the Perfect Shot. He developed the exact shooting mechanics required to surpass 92%. Today Ed’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and he has perfected his shooting to the point where he has not shot less than 99% in free throws, whether in competitive play, pick-up games, or shooting in the driveway.

Ed has taught more than 20,000 players the Perfect Shot, had has recently come out of retirement. After seeing the sad state of free throw shooting in college and the pros, Ed is back teaching the next generation of the Perfect Shot.

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