Shooting Mastery

Clinic Agenda

Clinic Agenda

8:30-9:00       Registration Check-ins

9:00-9:10        Introductions
                          Clinic attendees will break into groups of similar shooting skill levels and will be assigned a basket. 
                          There will be no more than eight athletes per basket.

9:10-9:30       All athletes will shoot 100 free throws. Keep score. Coach Ed will carefully examine all shooters mechanics.
                         This activity both shooting, and examination is repeated at the of the clinic.

9:30-11:30      Focus on all mechanics and scientific applications. Starting with the hand shooting position or the shooting triangle, ball placement in the hand and finger
                         pad pressure. Both floor, ceiling and wall exercises drills will be taught to develop power. All drills and take-home exercises will be focused on reinventing
                         the players shooting mechanics. We will eliminate all physical errors caused by their previous shooting habits.

11:30-12:30     Close in basket shooting. Here we teach and focusing on the finishing mechanics, not makes. You must know what your arms, wrists, hand and fingers are
                          doing. If not, how do you know what to adjust?

    Lunch Break – Clinic attendees will be responsible to bring their own lunch.

1:00-2:00        Mid-range shots, ball, hand, catch and shoot relationship.

2:00-3:00       Footwork and shot combinations from underhand layup to mini hook to 3-point shots, etc.

3:00-3:30       Shoot 100 shots to check and record improvements made.

3:30-5:00       Basketball scoring moves with variety of footwork and aggressive scoring moves, always focusing on correct shooting fundamentals or the perfect shot

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