Shooting Mastery

The Perfect Shot

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

You will come away from the Shooting Mastery Clinic, knowing how to shoot and knowing the steps to correct your shot.

As a basketball player, improving your shooting accuracy is essential to your success on the court. However simply practicing without proper technique and knowledge will not yield the perfection you desire. That’s where Coach Eddies Basketball Shooting Mastery Clinic comes in.

Our clinic focuses on teaching you the scientific laws behind successful shooting and providing you with the knowledge necessary to become a great shooter. We will help you identify your shooting errors and teach you how to do it right. But we don’t stop there. We help you put that knowledge onto practice through targeted drills and exercises designed to improve your muscle memory and strengthen the necessary muscles for shooting.

No Such Thing As a Shooting Slump
At Coach Eddies Basketball Shooting Mastery Clinic, we emphasize the importance of proper technique, such as maintaining a 45-degree arch and following through correctly. We’ll teach you how to break bad habits. We will teach you to watch your hand instead of the ball, so you can identify where your making shooting errors, and how to fix them. We will show you how to prepare properly for free throws.

Our approach has been proven time and time again to produce great shooters. By the end of our clinic, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to shoot with confidence and accuracy, and the ability to correct your shot when necessary.

Shoot Like a Pro
Don’t settle for mediocre shooting. Join Coach Eddies Basketball Shooting Mastery Clinic and learn how to shoot like a pro. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect- perfect practice makes perfect.

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