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In 39 countries of the world, for 42 years, from youth to the pros, Coach Ed Palubinskas, has taught the Perfect Shot to over 20,000 thousand student athletes, basketball players. Basketball players that wanted to improve their scoring ability. 

After attending Ed’s shooting school, players free throw shooting, field goal accuracy and their 3-point shot all improved an average of twenty percent. If you want to improve your scoring ability, this is a must clinic for you!

 Among the many NBA and Euro Pros Coach Ed has taught, Shaquille O’Neil was one of the most unique. With Coach Ed, Shaq improved his accuracy from 42% to 70%. As a result, opposing teams no longer used the “Shaq Attack” strategy, which involved fouling Shaq and sending him to the free throw line, before he could dunk it.

Accurate basketball shooting can be taught and learned. 

Ed Palubinskas, Foundere

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