Shooting Mastery

Clinic Agenda

These shooting techniques give you the confidence to own that one second in time

When attending Coach Ed Palubinskas Shooting Mastery Clinic you will start with an assessment that measures your shooting accuracy. The same exercise will be repeated at the end of the clinic to evaluate your improvement. During the clinic Coach Eddie will remove your bad shooting habits. This unnecessary movement is what causes inconsistency. In just a few short hours the bad habits can be removed and the correct body shooting mechanics can be established. The Perfect Shot shooting principles are taught and demonstrated. Athletes return to their assigned basket with other students of their same skill level. There they will practice what they have learned under the watchful eye and supervision of Coach Eddie. This process is taught over and over until all of the Perfect Shot mechanics and techniques come together as one. It doesn’t end their. Coach Eddie will teach you simple no ball needed in-home exercises to maintain the perfect shooting form to establish that all important muscle memory.


You will learn the simple scientific techniques of shooting. These techniques make up Coach Eddie’s Perfect Shot.

You will learn a simple technique to get your feet in balance. You will quickly be able to get in the correct shooting position.

We will remove your irrelevant shooting movements and replace them with the pure shooting dynamics. It is the unnecessary movement that causes inconsistency.

You will learn the perfect hand position on the ball. The Palubinskas Triangle. This triangle guarantees the laser direction of the shot and perfect ball rotation.

You will learn how to execute the perfect angle of release. This is key to maintaining The Perfect Shot muscle memory.

You will learn the Perfect Shot follow-through, the exact position of both your support hand, your shooting hand, wrist and fingers after shooting the ball.

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