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Get ready to take your basketball shooting skills to the next level with the world-renowned Shooting Coach Ed Palubinskas and his revolutionary shooting clinic! From youth to the pros, and over 20,000 students taught worldwide, Coach Ed has a proven track record of turning basketball players into unstoppable scorers.

Coach Ed’s unparalleled expertise has earned him a reputation as one of the best basketball shooting coaches in the game. He’s work with some of the biggest names in the sport, including Shaquille O’Neil (Shaq), Brandon Bass, and Kobe Bryant, helping them improve their free throw shooting and scoring abilities.

It’s not only about free throws. Ed’s shooting clinics teaches the perfect shot. What does that mean? How to shoot and score from any spot on the basketball court. That includes layups, the running teardrop jump shot, the midrange jumper, and the game-changing 3-point shot.

Being able to score in ways and different situations starts with correct shooting principles. Hand and finger position. The correct shooting angle of the arm and the exact follow through. Learning these principles and exercises to strengthen and develop muscle memory are essential.

Mastering the perfect shot transitions a basketball player to a great shooter but, more importantly, a great scorer. Knowing how to score in a game is critical for a winning team. Ed’s shooting clinics will teach you to become consistent in executing the perfect shot.

There is a difference in making shots and making shots when the defense is trying to stop you. Coach Ed teaches you the perfect shot fundamentals, so in that moment you will have the shooting skill and the confidence to know that your shooting can beat their defense. You will develop the skill to own that one second in time.

We are convinced – and attending athletes have proven it so, when you learn Coach Eddie’s perfect shot techniques you will be able achieve scoring proficiencies of 90% free throws, 50% from the field and 40% from the three-point line.

Here are some perfect proven examples… In1992, Ed coached Central Private High School girls’ varsity team. The team won the state championship. Christy Sides was Coach Ed’s standout player and with Coach Eddie’s teaching skills Christy set many scoring records finishing high school in 1995 with 3,375 points. Christy went on to have a great college career. Following her playing career Christy turned to coaching. Christy Slides is now the head coach for the Indiana Fever WNBA.

Due to the success with the girls’ team, Coach Ed was asked to take over Central Private boys High School team in Baton Rouge that had finished the season 3-30.  In preparation for the next season Coach Eddie taught his players to shoot. He taught the proper hand position, he taught the exact finger placement, he taught where to find their shooting pocket. He taught exercises to strengthen their fingers, hands, and arms.  He taught them perfect follow through.  The following year, this same team went 30-3, averaging 113 points per game. Shooting over 60% from the field and 90% from the free throw line. In one year they went from the bottom of their league to the semifinals in the state tournament.

In 2001 Ed was call on to be the Lakers shooting coach. That year they won the world championships.

In 2008 Ed coached the Australian women Opals. That year the Opals won the world games.

In 2014 Ed was the Phoenix Mercury shooting coach. That year Phoenix set the free throw record in percent made in professional basketball. Since Ed’s time with the Mercury the team has gone on to set record after record in free throw and field goal
percentage shooting.

Take a careful look at the coaches and players Coach Ed has taught on our testimonial page. See what they have to say about their experience and success with Ed Palubinskas as their shooting coach.


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